Review: Farm Girl Cafe

Farm Girl Cafe is without a doubt one of my favourite restaurants in London. This Australian inspired cafe is located in an adorable courtyard tucked away among the streets of Notting Hill. Notting Hill is actually my favourite part of London, so just the journey to and from the venue is a joy in itself. There’s something … Continue reading Review: Farm Girl Cafe


I have so much love and respect for fitness brand Sports Philosophy, having enjoyed their free bootcamps and running club and having had the pleasure of representing them at a recent event in London. I was therefore 100% on board when they invited to contribute to their recently launched #MySportsPhilosophy campaign. They started this in light of the … Continue reading #MySportsPhilosophy

Finding My Balance

On Sunday, August 2nd I attended The Balance Event hosted by my favourite fitness bloggers Zanna Van Dijk and Hazel Wallace. The afternoon started off with a talk from Ash Turner, of Enhance Nutrition, who covered a wide range of topics including portion sizes, how to plan for cheat meals and how to maintain a positive and balanced mindset when … Continue reading Finding My Balance