Bringing #GirlGains to Exeter (& What is GirlGains?!)

I thought I’d start off by explaining exactly what #GirlGains is, as I’ve had a lot of people asking me about it recently. Basically, it started as a hashtag created on social media by three health bloggers and influencers; Zanna Van Dijk, Tally Rye and Victoria Spence as a way of bringing girls interested in fitness and nutrition together.  As … Continue reading Bringing #GirlGains to Exeter (& What is GirlGains?!)

Rebounding Review

I recently had the chance to try one of the most fun ways you could imagine of working out: bouncing around on a trampoline for an hour. This is something a lot of people would have done as children and not really considered ‘exercise’ but nonetheless it’s a sweaty, tiring, rewarding workout that I will definitely … Continue reading Rebounding Review

(I) Heart Healthy

Seeing as February is National Heart Month, I have decided to support the “Take Charge” initiative, after being contacted about it by the Bankers Healthcare Group. A statistic that particularly struck me was the 80% of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented with education and action. It seems absurd that in today’s society, with so … Continue reading (I) Heart Healthy